Brilliant blog about depression… ways you can help a loved one.

by Antonia

Victoria Lewin

With many young carers looking after family members who suffer from depression, sometimes it’s hard to know how you can help them.

I have seen this from both perspectives. I, myself have suffered with depression many times in my life. When you are in the midst of it, you can’t see a way out. Everything feels hopeless, pointless. Your self confidence plummets to an all time low…. after all why would anyone want to spend time with me? Everything feels black, as if a dark cloud has rolled in and you can’t escape from it no matter how much you want to. Friends and family try to show you all the good things in your life, and whilst you know they’re telling the truth, it’s just not enough to pull you from the dark cloud’s grasp.

I have also seen depression through the eyes of being a caring friend, and…

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