Kat Moore |Young Carer| Young Adult Carer| Mental Health | Disability |

by Antonia


Kat Moore gave an insightful account on her life as a young carer in The Journal. The 16 year old along with her sisters; Elizabeth (14) , Sonya (13) and Nattalia (10) care for their Mother with Borderline Personality Disorder and their Dad has Osteoarthritis and Spinal Deterioration which has caused him severe mobility problems.

“I wouldn’t change it, it’s all I’ve known. My parents have been like this all our lives, this is the normal for us.We have ups and downs, we fall out, and make up again, but we are always there for each other at the end of the day.” – Kat

“If I could give any message it would be, please do not judge a book by the cover; the girl you mock for not having the latest brand name clothes, or best laptop, or iPhone is, along with her sisters, is helping look after her disabled parents. Young carers are the strongest, most reliable people I know, and I know this because all my girls are young carers.” – Claire 

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