Freddie Farmer Foundation | Physiotherapy Centre | Cerebral Palsy

by Antonia

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I remember seeing Danny Catchesides, (founder of Freddie Farmer Foundation and Freddie’s Granddad) on the news (ITV News i believe) months back about the Freddie Farmer Foundation.  The foundation was set up in 2011 to raise funds for a physiotherapy centre in Bromley, South- East London. With £350,000 raised the centre is now in the works, which will help 100 children every year with Cerebral Palsy and serious mobility problems.

The foundation was inspired by the lovely Freddie (10), who was born with Cerebral Palsy – born at  28 weeks and weighing 2lb 12oz. Initially the family were taking Freddie to a physiotherapy centre near Oxford three times a year! The thought of a similar physiotherapy centre nearby was an idea they knew would be extremely beneficial not just for Freddie but for other children who are going through similar situations.

“Three years on and thanks to the overwhelming support of Freddie’s family and friends, the charity has now been able to purchase a property in Bromley which is currently undergoing renovation to create a floor-based exercise room and a specialist gym therapy room and associated rooms involving, crucially, a piece of equipment called ‘The Spider’, with elasticated ropes so that children can do their exercises upright. The new centre is expected to open in early 2015.”

If you would like to make a donation via Virgin Money Giving or JustGiving please do it will make such a huge difference. For more information please click here :0)