London’s Blogging

by Antonia

Dedication Takes A Lifetime

Hi guys,

There won’t be a “52 week challenge” post tonight (Sorry!) I’m getting a little bit bored of it to be honest. I might try to find different topics to carry on with to make it a little but more interesting.

Anyway… This week has been a crazy one. As you will know from my last post about being a Young Carer, there is a charity (now called CarersTrust4All) that allow people like me to have a break from caring, usually for a few hours twice a month.

This week some of us were invited down to British Airways HQ in Heathrow. This would mean a 4 hour drive down there so the organisers took us the day before the event so we could see some of London too. I took so many pictures!!

As I am off college this week, I have decided I will post everyday…

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