Salmon Patties

by Antonia

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This is a recipe past down to me by my husbands grandmother. Best Salmon patties I’ve ever had!!

3 Cans of Salmon, your choice of brand.
1 Onion
Approximately 1 Cup of corn meal
3 to 4 Eggs

Open cans of salmon, drain, in a separate bowl remove silver flesh and any fat. I leave the bones they will cook down and you won’t even know they are there. (They’re a great source of calcium)
Chop up onion into medium to small pieces and add to bowl with salmon.
Add corn meal then eggs. Mix all together with your hands,consistency should be like hamburger meat, then pat them out. They fluff up when cooking so pat them kind of thin.
Place them in frying pan with bottom covered in grease, not too much or they will fall apart. Also make sure grease is hot when you place them…

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