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by Antonia

Carers Unite is  a social network coming in the new year (2015) exclusively for carers only. According to Stacey;

“This site will have – dis-counted caring products, online book service, private messaging service for counseling, personal profiles, video and photo album online and status updates from carers, relationship and dating app – so you can find someone in the same situation as you, friendship apps – again find someone who is in the same boat, job board – offering money for tasks online, actual caring jobs for professionals, making money at home, financial and career advice, training possibilities, buy, sell and trade options with other carers, fundraising opportunities, events – getting you out meeting new people and local nightlife, referring you to right places for advice like Carers Trust and Carers UK etc…

Our Mission: To stamp out loneliness for carers everywhere.”

Stacey who is in association with Carers Unite and a full time carer cares for her dad, at 52 in 2012 he had three strokes within a week. To keep the family house her mum works full time, Stacey is also setting up a social website for carers, studying Education (MA) and caring for her dad. She just started her blog which will give you an insight to what happened to her and family and how they are adjusting to their new situation. She wants her experiences to inspire others who are going through what she’s going through. On top of that she has written a children’s e-book called David’s Family which explains to children/young carers about serious illnesses. Jenny’s Sister – deals with cancer and will be coming soon. For more information please click here.

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