Suggestions For Daily Practice

by Antonia

After meditating or praying it might help to write your thoughts out in the morning. Good or bad get it down on paper/your diary and at the end of the day before bed write down how your feelings have changed or what you can do to improve certain situations. For example you anxious about your love ones upcoming appointment or result…take a deep breath | pray | stay optimistic | watch your favourite movie | Once your mind is relax whatever the outcome you’ll feel a sense of calmness over you. The worst thing is to work yourself up and then the results come out great!!
But if it’s not what you were expecting remember to breathe and write down your feelings and leave there. xx

The feel good kitchen

If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change. -Buddha

Incorporating mindfulness or meditation exercises into your life has been shown in numerous studies to provide benefits including reduced stress levels, improved immune response, mood elevation, reduced blood pressure and longer attention spans. Practicing moment-to-moment awareness even a few minutes can help us feel better overall. This guide gives simple (not necessarily easy!) steps to “rest in awareness” of any given moment. “Rest in Awareness” Don’t you love that? #11 made me smile, reminding us that mindfulness is not some elusive end goal, but a lifelong practice that helps us live more fully. Any given moment is an opportunity to give ourselves the gift of being present…Jacq

1. A good place to start cultivating mindfulness is in the body.

2. Befriending your breath is a good idea, since you can’t…

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