London | Day 1/2

by Antonia

Young carers & young adult carers follow her blog and read about her trips organized by Carers Trust : 0)

Dedication Takes A Lifetime

Hi guys,

I thought I was going to college, I ended up in London! Let’s start from the beginning…

I woke up around 7:30 just any other day. I checked my phone and thank god I did because 10 minutes earlier I had had a text from the people who organise my Young Carers sessions through CarersTrust. Someone had dropped out from the London trip and I had been asked to go. Half an hour later, another text that someone else had dropped out and my sister could go to!!! We were being picked up at 8:30 and she wasn’t even awake yet. Ensue the mad panic!!

The 5 of us young carers and our 2 organisers went on the 4 hour drive down to London Heathrow. The reason for the trip was an event at British Airways but that wasn’t until tomorrow so we got to explore London for…

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