Carers – it should be in the name

by Antonia


I’m a very private person. I don’t actually like having people in my home except for friends and family but, because I’m disabled and need help with everyday things such as food preparation, basic housework, some personal care and getting to the supermarket, doctors etc, I need carers and it means opening my home up to strangers. It hasn’t always worked out.

To me, a carer is someone who is meant to care. The one who left me in my home as soon as we smelt a gas leak next door, then never rang to see what happened between visits, didn’t care, especially as I couldn’t get out of my home without her help.

Neither did the one who texted in her resignation – without notice, of course. One turned up, sat down, didn’t do a thing for two hours and, when asked directly about the new job she said…

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