Calling all Carers

by Antonia

Holborn LinC: Millman Street

ritbDear All

Can I ask for your help?
We have organised a Consultation event for local Carers on Saturday 28th March at Millman Street. We are aiming to contact as many local people who care unpaid for a family member, friend or neighbour as possible.
 The purpose of the event is to have a general discussion with carers about whether carers are getting the advice and support they would like/need, in what ways we as a local community organisation maybe able to help more,and to inform carers about what other support is available. We can not promise to be able to meet every ones requests but it will really help us when we are making applications to funders to show that we have identified  the  real needs of local people. It will also help us to look at the services we run already and how we could change/or adapt them…

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