Guest piece- The five stages of being a carer (Trevor Clower)

by Antonia

Involvement, Experience & Volunteering

Hello, my name is Trevor Clower, I am a carer, my son has a learning disability and autism, he is 43 years old, so that means I have been a carer for 43 years.

However, I am here today to talk about another kind of carer.

A person who goes through life making relationships and some get married.

They form a family life with kids and a home with a job and gets on with the day-to-day things that entails.

When suddenly, without any warning, their nearest and dearest is struck down with something. This is when, this person accepts their role as a responsibility towards the patient, someone they love, and cherish.

This is the point where the Five Sequences of Events starts to happen.

The first thing to be affected in this Sequence of Events will be your job. Maybe make it part time or just leave the job completely…

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