A Surprisingly Good Visit from NHS Mental Health

by Antonia


The day we thought Isabel was going to be declared a vegetable, proved a welcome relief, in a life of no reliefs.

The psychiatrist, a tall, attractive Scottish lady, was extraordinarily human, unassuming, and affable.

And the psychologist, unlike some I’ve taught, and the one in 2007, did not observe, or judge me, and had personality.

And, usefully, busied herself with Isabel’s Progress File from Robert Ogden School.

So, all went well in the kitchen.

So well,  two hours flew by without coffee.

I cannot relay, how good it feels, to be respected, and, deferred to.

It had never happened before.

I almost felt like a person, rather than the object of negative analysis.

Issy had been up most of the night, and was still sleep.

The long awaited period was evident, when we eventually, wondered into her bedroom, and,were told to get out.

As usual, no one appeared to know anything, so were…

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