The Benefits of Cooking from Scratch

by Antonia

Rita Cooks Food

lgclogoIf you can compare meals served at home today with those prepared by our grandmothers and their mothers, the glaring difference is that at least one dish will have come from a box, a plastic tray, a bag or a pouch!

Think about breakfast, for example. Did you have toast? If you did, did you make the bread? Did you have pancakes or maybe crumpets? Did these come from the supermarket, plastic wrapped? None of these items are difficult to make: they simply need the time to make them.

These pre-prepared foods are taking a toll on our health. Have you recently picked up a loaf of sliced bread and read the ingredients? It makes interesting reading. Bread should contain only the following ingredients: flour, water, yeast. To give bread more flavour, salt, oil, butter and/or a little sugar may be added but is not necessary to the success of…

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