International Day of Happiness 20th March

by Antonia

Chasing Dreams

Today is International Day of Happiness (March 20th). It is all about focusing on your connections with other people and your own happiness. For more information check out the website here. Often, in our lives we find ourselves so ‘busy’ with unnecessary tasks that don’t make us happy. Whilst some of these tasks are important and needed it is always good to check that you are not forgetting to do what makes you happy too.


So what am I going to be doing today? Well it would seem right to try and squeeze every bit of happy out of today and so here’s what I’m going to be doing. Here is my GREAT DREAM:

Giving – Today I have sent two parcels off, one was my Postpals monthly project box which you can see below and the other was a small gift for a friend.

WP_20150305_006         …

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