SunKissAlba | About That Life Part 2 |Movie: Son-Rise: A Miracle Of Love |Autism |

by Antonia

Watch the second part of the About That Life series, where Alba and her husband Manny go into more details about how their lifestyle changed for the better due to little Manny. They’ve been able to learn different ways to deal with Manny’s Autism; from healthy eating, the type of pots and pans they use, limited T.V & Wi-Fi and so on. This is a very informative vlog and how cute is little Manny 🙂 Watch part 1 here, and also check Alba’s Instagram where she posted some books that have helped them along the way and Manny attending a 1 week course called The Son- Rise Program; “The Son-Rise Program is an alternative autism treatment based upon the idea that the children show us the way in, and then we show them the way out. This means that, rather than trying for force our children to conform to a world that they don’t yet understand, we join them in their world first.”- The Son- Rise Program 

She also mentioned on her Instagram post that the Founders of the program [Barry (“Bears”) Neil Kaufman and Samahria Lyte Kaufman] made a movie about their son [Raun Raufman] called Son-Rise: A Miracle Of Love (1979) who was Autistic but with the help and determination of his parents he is no longer Autistic. Amazing!!!

|| “A young couple is overjoyed when they find out that, after having had two girls, the wife is pregnant again, and this time it will be a son. However, the boy turns out to autistic. Unhappy with the diagnoses and treatments available, they decide to work out their own therapy program for their son.”|| –IMDb











The National Autistic Society