Karen McCahon | Kidult | Book | Young Carers |

by Antonia


|| “The stress is getting to fifteen-year-old Jess.
Her mum’s officially lost it, going from yummy mummy to seriously weird almost overnight. Now, with her mum being forced into hospital, Jess is left living alone. All this freedom should be fun, what with the clubbing, the horror films, and much older boys. But the class bitch is spreading poison and lies are starting to unravel. Gorgeous Tom thinks she’s nineteen. Will he still like her if he learns the truth? And who is the mysterious Chris and why won’t he leave her alone? “ ||



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Read about Karen’s challenging experiences as a young carer for her mum who had Depression,  an underactive thyroid and pernicious anaemia and her Grandma who had Dementia.


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