Emmeline Kellie | Team V | Short Film | Do You Care? |

by Antonia


The short film shows a day in a life of a young carer, a school boy getting himself ready for school, taking care of his mum (who he cares for) and his younger sister to school before he gets to class. He’s late for his class along with another student, his name is then put on the board for detention. During the class Joe starts to feel very tired and falls asleep until his Teacher slams a book in front of him. He is then shown in the corridor trying to get a hold of his mum, but then his teacher sees him and takes his phone : (

It’s the end of the last lesson, as you may remember he had detention but Joe didn’t go and went to pick up his sister instead who had been waiting for him already. Finally back home, he greets his mum and makes his way to kitchen and makes dinner. He then gives his mum her medication and  helps her to her bed. You would think with the long day he has had it will be bedtime but he has to do his homework! Worried in bed he calls his friend he was suppose to have detention with – watch above to see what she tells him.

|| “Young carers miss out on everyday things we take for granted. This short film, by Team v volunteer Emmeline Kellie, highlights some of the everyday experiences of young carers.

Emmeline is a film maker and also a volunteer leader on Team v, a national social action and leadership, powered by vInspired. Team v has joined forces with The Children’s Society to launch #doyoucare, a campaign to help young carers find the support they need. For more information on the campaign please go to www.vInspired.com/doyoucare ” ||


If you’re a young carer, do not go through this alone. GET HELP! Visit Babble and ask any questions you may have and they will get back to you.