Why am I voting?

by Antonia

Chasing Dreams


There are many reasons I am voting tomorrow but here are ten of them.

I am voting tomorrow because…

  • The health of my family & friends is important to me. We need the NHS to be easy to access.
  • People have risked their lives to give us the chance to vote – why waste that?
  • Young people are important and do care about the future of our country.
  • I know who I would like to be elected tomorrow. Even spoiling your vote makes a bigger impact than not voting.
  • In my opinion, education should be easy to access for all. Let’s help make it that way.
  • I want there to be a true representation of our country voting, young people can change the world too!
  • Benefits help many people and are by no means an easy way out of work! Everyone deserves to be able to live a life full of…

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