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I Am Able Nigeria is a charity for disabled people in Nigeria, West Africa. Miss Black Africa UK  Jacqueline Ilumoka who won the pageant in 2014, set up the charity because “As winner of Miss Black Africa UK, part of my mandate is to implement a charity project of my choice so I chose to focus on people with disabilities in Africa. Last year leading up to the [pageant] finals, I was working with a charity in the UK that supported people with disabilities and it really just spurred me on to focus my own charity work on a similar area.” The Voice Online

Jacqueline is going to have a fundraiser soon and has a crowd funding page, where she hopes she can raise £6,000 by the end of May 2015. This will help to buy the wheelchairs, ramps, crutches,  and other mobility aids that will be needed.  The School of the Handicapped in Ogun State has been chosen to receive the mobility aid. Jacqueline will be going to Nigeria to deliver the mobility aids personally.

According to Abbey Paseda who founded Focus Disability Foundation said there are 22 million (or more) people who are disabled in Nigeria. In correlation to what Jacqueline mentioned in her article, he also agreed that “…disability is the most neglected dimension of equal rights in Nigeria. It is very common in Africa to see disabled people begging by the roadside, they are begging for money but the government is not doing much.. The Nigerian government have failed disabled people in Nigeria. I can say it, they have really failed them and something needs to be done.” 

Please donate what you can, thanks in advance 🙂

I Am Able Nigeria 

Focus On Disability Foundation