Almond Butter, Oats & Raw Cacao: A Sip of Heaven

by Antonia

The Dish On Healthy


I love chocolate probably a bit too much. I just added “chocoholic” to my Instagram bio for lack of a better word. If you come up with something better & stronger- am taking suggestions! Chocolate enthusiast doesn’t even begin to cut it. The best part about eating whole, unprocessed foods is that I can still continue to enjoy my chocolate fix.

Chocolate has been unfairly demonized thanks to the hoards of sugar and dairy that have become its manufacturing “sidekicks” over the years. The weight gain & acne associated with chocolate do not stem from cacao itself; but from the sugar and dairy it’s paired with. But if you bid the evil sidekicks farewell, we’re talking about a whole different animal. Cacao is packed with antioxidant goodness & has one of the highest concentrations of magnesium. Magnesium will benefit your cardiovascular system and helps lower blood pressure. I love to get informed and read about food. I strongly encourage…

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