Cassy’s E-Guide for Young Carers – Teenage Girls

by Antonia

Wellbeing Zone

cover page
Page 2

This guide-book is particularly helpful for young carers, especially teenage girls. Click the following link to read the full version:

Cassy_Family & Carers_E-Guide Book


If you wish to print out the e-guide book in  “book” format, please click on the following link:

Cassy_EGuide Book – print out as a book

Instruction to printer setup:

Print the odd pages first i.e. 1,3,5,7….Do not key in the page number for printing. Use the key function “odd page” as printer instruction for printing. Take out all printed pages. Rearrange printed papers by putting the first printed page on top without changing the direction, followed by second, third etc. Reload the arranged printed pages into the paper tray and print even pages ie 2,4,6, etc. Remember to use the key function of “even page” as printer instruction for printing, not the page number of 2,4,6…. Collect all printed papers and check to confirm that…

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