Men’s Mental Health Part 2| Professor Green ‘Suicide and Me’ | June Sarpong on Brother Sam Sarpong |

by Antonia

In my last post i touched on relationships involving men with mental illnesses, which can be challenging but sustainable or others left the relationship when it became toxic. Unfortunately some have a heavier scenario to come to terms with, suicide. According to CALM “In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK”.

Professor Green (Stephen Manderson) who is a U.K Rapper, he opened up about his discovery about his father’s suicide in a documentary called Suicide and Me. Prof. Green had not spoken to his family about his dad’s death and now he needs some closure. The documentary opens up with him talking about how fortunate he is with his music career and his home life; with wife Millie Mackintosh and their dog Arthur. The documentary is definitely an eye opener, as it shares the  emotional roller coaster of dealing with his father’s death.

“But there was one black day when i was 24, i’ll never be able to forget. I was still in bed and my Nan came in crying. A horrible feeling came over me and i knew something was really wrong. And she just blurted out, “your dad’s dead, he hung himself”. That anger that came over me,  straight away.. i just punched the wall, i was just livid. The next thing was, upset and it was the confusion, i couldn’t understand it, how could he have done this? What’s he done it for? What was so bad that he had to take his own life.” – Professor Green


Sam Sarpong was a Model, TV Presenter and Actor, he committed suicide last year. After seven hours of police officers trying to talk him down. Unfortunately it did not prevent the 40 year old from leaping off a bridge in Pasadena, Los Angeles. TV Presenter June Sarpong, the older sister to Sam, spoke about the incident on Loose Women.

Have you lost someone to suicide or contemplating it yourself? Please click on any of the links below for help. Sending my prayers and love to you. xxx

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