Season Greetings | Save the date: Young Carers Awareness Day 2017 | Video: 12 days of Christmas |

by Antonia

Christmas has arrived, and i know it can be a difficult time for some. Any occasion, whether it be birthdays or festive seasons are never the same once you become a carer. Especially if your loved one has passed, i sincerely send my condolences, my love & thoughts are with you. I know this is the time for family and friends but i really hope you take the time out for yourself.

Cooking your favourite Christmas meal, watching your favourite Christmas movie, a gift for yourself, volunteering or just staying in bed in your fav PJ’s can be rewarding! : O)

Please don’t be too hard on yourself, with everything you went through this year, i commend you for keeping your head up and staying strong. It may not feel like it but trust me you are resilient.

If you do need support over Christmas and New Year, please reach out.

I really hope the remaining month of December and the New Year is filled with peace, love, happiness, growth, fulfilment, good health and major self care! You matter too!! Happy New Year in advance.

I’ll be back just in time for Young Carers Awareness Day; January 26th 2017. Save the date!

See you then,

Antonia 😉