Pick The Flowers That Make You Happy

by Antonia

Freedom is Happiness With Wings

Pick The Flowers That Make You Happy

Last week I was asked: what would tip you over the edge? Honestly, anything could. A few months ago, the word anything would have been replaced with everything, the tiniest things had the biggest effect. Now, I feel like I can do things with a smaller risk of anxiety and depression getting in the way. More bluntly, I feel like I can actually live my life.

This picture to me shows that things don’t have to be bursting with colour to be beautiful. You don’t need everything you can think of to make you happy, you just need the things that matter. Take each pain as it happens and see something positive in as many aspects of your life as you can. It is easy to be colour blind in our own lives, we don’t always see everything as it is: as we should. Sometimes all we need to do…

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