Quinotto: Quinoa Mushroom Risotto

by Antonia

The Dish On Healthy


It should be common knowledge that on occasion, I like to make up words. I hope you find it as endearing as my friends do. And sometimes, friends make up words for my food, as is the case with this dish. A really close friend dubbed it “Quinotto” and I just loved the term she coined. Deliciously fluffly, warm quinoa with a medley of mushrooms, chives, parsley, Tamari, olive oil and butter. Total Food Heaven. This is a really quick weekday dinner idea; and quinoa is so nutritious and packed with protein, that you could have this as a side or a main- entirely up to you.

I first fell in love with authentic risotto during our honeymoon in Italy almost exactly 6 years ago. I believe I had it for dinner every single night while on the final leg of our trip in Venice. But one particular risotto stands high on my list, far above all the rest. We went to this beautifully quaint, yet well-known place called “Ristorante Da…

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