Redefining Greens: Honey, Mint, Avocado & Spinach Smoothie!

by Antonia

The Dish On Healthy


Another morning, another green smoothie. But wait- it doesn’t taste any similar to all the other green drinks I’ve shared with you. I have come across an ingenious little hack to improve the taste of a green smoothie. I often get people asking me things like “Will I be able to taste the spinach?”. And I completely get it. Taste matters. It’s great to know you’re doing something nourishing & wholesome for your body, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you can get a kick out of it, too? Now you can. Taste-wise, this is pretty good. Thanks to the magic of a little raw honey mixed with fresh mint leaves.

I was inspired by some “Honey Lime Mojitos” I started making for friends last summer. Mojitos are heavy on the mint, and I like to sweeten my summer drinks with raw honey, as opposed to white sugar. This little thought was extrapolated into my “smoothie-making endeavors”…

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